Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grilled Kabobs with Asparagus

Kabobs are one of our favorite things to grill and are 24 day challenge meal approved!  
Make kabobs using chicken (add steak if desired) and a varienty of vegetables.  We used green peppers and unions, but you could easily add cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.  You could even add pineapple for a delicious twist!  
Salt free Mrs.Dash seasons are a good option for seasoning.  You could also use items like lemon pepper, sea salt, black pepper, etc.  
 If you are short on time around dinner, these can be prepared the day prior or earlier in the day.  
 Asparagus is an easy side dish.  We lightly brushed with olive oil and added a little black pepper and garlic salt.
 Tip: Throw leftover chicken/steak on the grill to refrigerate for use on salads later in the week!
Dinner is served!

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