Monday, April 9, 2012

24 Day Challenge: Days 1-3

After waking, have your SPARK and FIBER DRINK.
*Be sure to use a shaker to mix these drinks as they can get clumpy.  Drink immediately after mixing*
*If you do not like the taste/consistency of the Fiber Drink you can try adding a splash of your SPARK to it or a little lower sugar orange juice to help with the taste/consistency*
Have a bowl or piece of fruit (grapefruit or berries are good choices)

Mid Morning:
Drink a glass of water
Fruit is best for cleansing.  Add in 3 hard boiled eggs or plain oatmeal if needed.

Drink a glass of water
Lean Protein (chicken, tuna, salmon) with a Salad
Complex Carb if needed (rice, hummus, oatmeal)

Mid Afternoon:
Tired? Drink a SPARK or water
Snack Options: nuts (almonds) , seeds, raw veggies, or fruit, rice cakes with natural peanut or almond butter

Take 2 OMEGAPLEX with water
Lean Protein (Chicken, Tuna, Salmon) and Veggies

Fruit if needed

Before Bed:

Additional Tips For Success:
**You also want to be drinking 2 glasses of water between each meal and snack.  Your goal should be 1 gallon per day!**
1. Try to stay away from fried foods, refined sugars, bread, wheat products, alcohol, dairy, coffee, and soda.
2.  The best fruits to eat during the cleanse phase are apples, grapefruit and berries (fibrous and low glycemic)
3.  Stick to clean proteins like tuna, salmon, eggs,  and chicken.  Stay away from processed lunch meats.
4.  Eat clean carbs like rice, hummus and oatmeal
5.  Add in Spark when you are feeling tired.  I prefer it in the morning and mid-afternoon.

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  1. i have also ordered catalyst. can i take that with the clense or should i wait till i finish?